Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

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About Aimersoft DRM Media Converter 

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is impressive DRM removing program that can eliminate DRM from video movies and music purchased from iTunes, Zune, iMesh, Pandora, BBC iPlayer WMV, Amazon video on Demand and other DRM protected media center legally. What’s more, this media converter can convert both DRM protected and standard media to the file format you need for your digital device.

User reviews:

1. I was searching for a software to convert “You Tube” videos into DVDs and audio files and this program so far is the best ! Omg -so simple to install and use. I was able to create video-DVD’s and use it on my iPhone 5. A 5 STARS software system.

2. What good is it to download Youtube videos (or AOL/Facebook) if you can only watch them on your MAC or PC? The DRM removal resolves this difficulty by giving you the chance to eliminate the DRM off the file and convert to a common format for play on many devices. What a good software to own.

3. Being a tech novice, I was worried the program would be too difficult to use. But, the simple step-by-step guide and video helped me get began easily quickly. Such a simple and easy software to use; yet so powerful. Very good DRM Media Converter.

4. I really appreciate DRM Media Converter making it possible to use music I pay for on all my digital devices.

5. One day I was surfing Facebook and found a url to the Aimersoft Facebook page where they talked about the DRM Media Converter. Because was free to download and try out, I figured why not. So I downloaded and tried it out and worked as promised. Now I have my iTunes movies on every player I own.